It’s nearly October and end of term will be here before you know it!  Already students are starting to enquire about summer work or how to get a graduate job.  Many of you will have already heard the job hunting mantra….. Network, Network, Network!  Networking is important in the best of times, but in a tough economic climate like we are in now, networking becomes even more important to your job search.

Building relationships is important at work and when looking for work.  Social media has made the process of connecting with people much easier and you should be making the most of this opportunity.  Do NOT wait until end of term to start making valuable contacts.  Our major graduate recruiters are all using facebook to connect with our students and graduates.  ‘Like’ them and get alerts about upcoming recruitment events.  If you haven’t already, sign up for LinkedIn and connect with the employers and professionals you meet on campus, through friends or relatives, through social circles, work experience and voluntary work.  The use of Twitter is growing rapidly as a way to connect, so get tweeting too!

Last month I came across a guest post on the University of Warwick blog site called ‘The Power of Social Media’.  It includes some very helpful tips on using Twitter in your job hunt.  Have a look at the post here:

So start expanding your network of contacts by making the most of the power of social media.  Instead of contacting each person one by one, type in a message, hit send and watch your world grow!

By the way, while you’re at it….don’t forget to ‘like’ Vic Careers too!

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