Last minute panic – Oh no, exam is here!


I used to stay up really really late when I have exams coming up, trying my very best to upload all the study material to the powerful CPU up in my head, making full use of every single minute left on the clock. However, I have failed to recognise that the memory of this CPU is not limitless. When the memory limit is reached, I could try to stay up all night, looking at the same page, reading the same sentence, over and over again, but nothing would actually register! All the time spent, is actually spent on merely drifting in and out of consciousness. And the side effect? I would be so knackered for my exam the next day that my mind would just present a blank sheet of paper. Worth it?

Producation efficiency: …If the economy can’t make more of a good without sacrificing the production of another, then a maximum level of production has been reached.

Sometimes, hanging on may not the best choice (especially when your body is telling you otherwise). It’s important to listen to your body and understand your maximum level of production!

It’s ok to take a break

Sleep Time Limbo

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