22 November, 2012

Career Calendar

Have you planned your job search key dates, self review reminders or set up some kind of career calendar for 2013?

Many students plan their study timetables and look ahead to breaks or travel plans but yet leave decision making around their future career direction until the last minute. It seems that students are acutely aware that they will need to be paying back the investment in their education all too soon – so wouldn’t that indicate that planning a career would be high priority? Students are also able to understand that higher education is only part of the mix which enables you to succeed in having employment choice and hopefully job satisfaction – so wouldn’t that indicate that they would want to be proactive about learning about different employers and sectors, gaining extracurricular experience and developing a wide range of competencies?
Why is it then that we don’t set career development plans? Is it simply that we don’t think it necessary or that we ignore the situation until it becomes urgent. Either way it is not sensible.

December means graduation for many, whether it is your formal ceremony now or the following May. It means job hunting if you haven’t already secured something or decided on further study. If you talk to grads starting their search now or beginning to explore their direction, they would say ‘start earlier’. Use the Careers service to research the market, find out key careers expo dates, gain self understanding and be clear on application processes and deadlines. Don’t miss out! Start your planning and keep looking at CareerHub.

Here are some basic ideas from the Guardian Careers website to get you started with your career calendar.

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