If you would like to find out about different careers and are looking beyond your backyard then you really need to be looking at on-line occupational resources. The “local” ones that you should already know about (shame on you if you don’t) are www.careers.govt.nz and www.myfuture.gov.au. But if the perfect career for you is proving elusive, then http://www.icould.com may provide the information and inspiration you’re looking for.

The icould website is free to access – although it’s best to register – and built around 1062 videos and 275 articles on different occupations. I’ve personally watched 7 of the 4-minute clips and been impressed as I watched 7 very different people describe their job, it’s challenges and what they like most about it, and also the training and qualifications that are required for it. You can learn about being a company director, a technician mechanical engineer, a web-designer, an architect and 1058 other jobs. So that you don’t get lost on the site, I’ve included links to four of the key pages at the end of this blog.

There’s also an article on icould that mentions some of the new careers that have emerged in the last few years such as ‘corporate blogger’ and ‘employee wellness co-ordinator’. Some of these new careers have become quickly established and it will be interesting, in another ten years, to see what other new roles there will be or ones that we see emerging now that have become commonplace.

‘New occupations develop when employers need workers to do tasks that have never been done before. At the same time, ‘old jobs’ disappear because there is no longer the need for them’.

‘Photonics engineer, corporate blogger, community manager, employee wellness co-ordinator and corporate jesters are some of the new and emerging job titles that you might see advertised in the ‘Situations Vacant’ column or on recruitment websites. Adverts for short-hand secretaries, cobblers, sewing machine operators or typists are less likely’!

‘It is difficult to accurately predict the future. When you are ready to start working, it is likely that there will be new jobs that don’t yet exist. Fixing electric and hybrid vehicles, mining on the Moon or Mars, servicing artificial organs, who knows precisely what these new jobs will be? But we do know that changes in technology, new laws and regulations, rising energy prices, global warming, a population that is living longer, natural disasters and internet home shopping are just some of the trends which will create new occupations as well as cause current ones to disappear or reduce’.

Read the entire article at: http://icould.com/article/jobs-for-the-future/

A bit about ‘icould’ as a philanthropic organisation and their purpose and strategy

Videos and articles by subject interests

Videos by job type and occupational interest area

The Buzz exercise – a mini Myers-Briggs exercise

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