It’s tempting to put your job hunt on hold. “I need a break,” you may tell yourself. “No one’s hiring this time of year anyway. “I’ll delay my efforts until next January”. It doesn’t help that everyone else seems to be having fun, and job hunting is—for most of us—not fun.

Bad time of the year myth: Don’t slow down your job search just because Christmas and the summer holidays is fast approaching. It’s so easy for the job seeker to consider not bothering to look, assume it’s a bad time of the year for job hunting.

Quite the contrary, employers are still hiring. When others are not looking, take advantage of the reduced competition for available jobs. For those companies that budget on an annual basis may have jobs that they need to hire now. They will interview in December for positions starting at the beginning of the year. So step up your job search, be flexible and be willing to interview at “inconvenient” times. Making yourself available and eager during the holidays may be more effective than you’d expect.

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More about why holidays is a good time to find a job:

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