6 December, 2012

Energy Re-creation

Many of us juggle our responsibilities: family commitments, study and work. Where do we put ourselves in this list? Remember the old adage: look after yourself first. Otherwise we won’t have energy for our other responsibilities. So, how do we recharge our batteries?

Recreation is the re-creation of energy.

Yet the definition of recreation varies for each individual.  So, where do you get your energy from? Your first preference from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) may help you decide what type of recreation is best for you.

extrovert? Will you get more energy from others (attending events, interacting with people) or from yourself (thinking, time alone)? These preferences are labelled Extrovert and Introvert in MBTI (not to be confused with the popular definition of extrovert and introvert as outgoing or shy!!!). Understanding your own personality type may give you an indication of what type of recreation would be most beneficial for you.

Luckily, Vic Careers offer the MBTI questionnaire and they spend time helping you evaluate and understand your results.

I actually have Vic Careers Service to thank for how I plan my holidays or recreation time! According to my MBTI preference, I do need time alone to feel reenergised. I used to feel pressure to spend time with friends or family or attend functions for recreation. Although I appreciate these things, when I really need to re-energise, I go take a walk. For example, I recently spent my nine of 14 days holidays tramping. I returned to my list of responsibilities refreshed and energised.

Abel TasmanMilford peak

I believe that understanding your personality type can help to influence what type of recreation you invest in. In turn, you should have more energy for that priority list.

  • For a quick Myers-Briggs type quiz, try http://icould.com/buzz/
  • To make an appointment with a Careers Consultant to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator please contact Vic Careers

So, what will you do to re-create your energy?

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