santa listAt this time of the year the media is full of lists – not the wishful ones to the jolly fellow with the beard, but the best of everything for 2012.  Best books, music,  movies, websites, and even best goalkeepers. Google has just released their annual ‘Zeitgeist’ list, which analyses the most popular online search topics across the world. A check of New Zealanders’ most wanted info reveals that we are concerned about marmite, we like pancakes and pizza, we want to know about fracking, and Valerie Adams is one of our favourite sporting stars. We’re also up with times checking out Gangnam style, SOPA and Kim Dotcom.

If getting a job after university is high on your list, here are The Telegraph’s top 10 degree subjects.

And if you’ve really got nothing better to do, Time magazine has 55 lists covering the Top 10 of Everything 2012 including best and worst tweets.

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