So the Mayan calendar ends today, leading to predictions of an apocalypse. If you have put off your job search ‘just in case’ the world ended today, I’m afraid you are out of luck! Be happy for the opportunities that lie ahead and take this time to reflect on the past year and imagine yourself in your dream world.

Students often come into our office and tell us there is no point looking for work at this time of year as everyone is busy with the holidays. Do not fall into this trap!  The holiday time often brings unexpected opportunities. Because many job seekers stop looking during the holidays you often face less competition.  Also some employers are less busy at this time of year so are more likely to answer their phones and be in good moods. Remember too, that lots of people take leave from work at this time of year so there is often more temporary work available.  Do a great job in temporary work and you might find yourself being kept on.  I can’t tell you how many students have started off on one-month contracts and still find themselves there 2-3 years later!

If you are looking for work and are not yet on your university’s CareerHub database, register now.  The CareerHub job site is specifically dedicated to university students and graduates of Victoria, Massey, AUT, University of Auckland, Canterbury, Lincoln and Otago.  For the contact at your university see:

All the best for the holidays and for your job search!

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