jobhuntWhether you are a new graduate looking for that first ‘proper’ job, or a student returning or starting Uni in a new place needing part-time work, you may be getting fed up with the hunt and not getting the response you hoped for. Don’t give up! January is a slightly disjointed time of year in terms of recruitment as staff who look at applications may have been away on holidays or vacancies aren’t advertised until later in the month. It should be starting to turn around but make sure you are prepared with a high quality CV and cover letter and that you are not taking a scatter gun approach. Always match your skills to the ones required for the role and give evidence to demonstrate where and how you have developed them.
Remaining positive is vital and being emotionally resilient is a necessary part of job search as it is likely you will experience rejection just as part of the process. A positive attitude will help get you through and is also important to demonstrate that at the interview.
Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when job hunting. Good luck and let Vic Careers know when you secure a role.

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