With the start of Trimester One fast approaching, a lot of students, whether they be first years or final years, are asking themselves this very question.

People study for many different reasons but regardless of your reason, you have chosen (or will choose) a particular subject to major in. You will certainly be interested in the major and maybe you already know a lot about it. The joy of University study is that regardless of how much or how little you know about your major, you will always learn more. But how many people have asked themselves where their major will lead them? What happens after the study of this interesting subject? What can you use your major for ‘in the real world’? If you are about to start your first year you may not have asked yourself this question, you may well be thinking “it’s AGES till I finish Uni”  but it’s very important that you do.  Your time at University will teach you about the subject but it’s also important to find out how you apply what you are learning to life after University. Even the majors that seem to have a clearly defined career path at the end of them like teaching, accounting or law are not as cut and dried as you think. Just because you study law doesn’t mean you have to become a lawyer.

To give yourself a head start, have a read of our Career View series to find out where your Major is taking you. And if we don’t have your subject printed yet, come in to Vic Careers (or find your local University careers service) and start chatting. Term may not have started yet but doesn’t mean you can’t start planning.

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