An exciting new website for international students was launched yesterday by Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. The website, is designed to provide advice and support for international students in New Zealand and is a one-stop-shop for information about employment rights and responsibilities, health and safety in the workplace, work conditions attached to student visas and settlement resources.

I’ve just had a look at the website and found it very user friendly and easy to navigate. The things you will find on it include:
• Student visa rules
• Working on a student visa
• Jobs you can’t do
• Staying to work after study
• Your employment rights
• Wages & pay
• Types of employment arrangements

…and much much more!

In addition to all the resources on this website, if you are looking to do part-time work whilst studying, do remember to visit the Vic Careers office for help in applying for jobs and don’t forget to register on the Victoria CareerHub site so that you can receive email alerts for jobs as they come in:

It’s really buzzy around campus this week with lots of orientation activities and happy excited faces basking in the brilliant sunshine 🙂 For all the new international students…we wish you a very warm welcome!

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