We hear a lot about focusing on studying disciplines that will link to a specific career objectives, but what about simply developing the skills, knowledge, and competencies that enable us to be successful in a variety of fields?

One of the benefits to being university educated is the ability to think critically and creatively and to adapt to a variety of situations. Perhaps it is this flexibility and adaptability that will differentiate us from others and make us more employable. Often, we don’t end up working in the same field that we studied, however we need to be able to explain our capabilities.


Good educators teach us how to think, to question our own assumptions and to reflect on how we can improve the status-quo (if it actually should be improved, that is). So, how well are you learning to think from your studies?

Did you know the CareerHub ePortfolio provides a platform to store and reflect on your own skill development? So, how well have you have developed “critical and creative thinking”?

Explain to your ePortfolio first; then, it might be easier to explain your skills to a prospective employer. These resources could help you to get started:  http://careerhub.vuw.ac.nz/workgroups/eportfolio

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  1. […] was. You do have a fight a little bit harder than 10 years ago. Therefore, it really does pay to stop and think about what you are actually gaining from your time at University. Aside from the obvious knowledge […]



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