Working on your application for an internship or graduate job? The following is a list of things to watch out for before hitting the ‘submit’ button (according to the graduate recruiters last year). You may see some really simple and basic stuff, but the recruiters get them from applicants all the time, it’s worth running through a check.Approved or rejected?

Recruiters said:

~ Please follow all the instructions on application.

~ Read our advertisement and send in the documents requested – too many had to be followed up; a number of applications were incomplete.

~ In our application form we request a copy of student’s academic transcript, we would like to stress the importance of providing a complete application with the academic transcript.

~ Applicants need to write good cover letters! They need to tell me why they want *this* job and what skills they have to do it.

~ Covering letters are crucial for the initial screening process. They need to highlight the candidates studies and achievements both academically and other, how these studies are suited/relevant to working with us and any work experience they have had. They should also talk about their attitude to team work and give details of any (preferably positive!) experience of working in a team. Finally, it would be good to hear from the candidate why we should choose them above others.

~ I think the cover letter can sell a person, it’s their one chance to shine, also ensuring letters are spell checked and that the company is correct – we had a number of applications stating how much they would like to work for another organisation – when that happens, the application is not even considered.

~ Check detail, we had a number of applications referring to other firms where they had obviously copied and pasted.

~ Proof read applications before submitting them, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc. Some students talk about the strength of being ‘attention to detail’  in their personal profile, yet their CV and covering letter are full of errors…

~ Answer the application questions with more thought.

All the best with your applications!

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