Following on from an earlier Vic Careers blog about selling yourself at interview, I would suggest you also need to be mindful of being yourself and being flexible during the selection process. This will help you cope with unusual questions or situations you may be faced with and assist with demonstrating that you could work well in the organisation. Having the right ‘fit’ is one of the most important things employers are looking for. So, make sure you have read up on the values of the organisation and maybe talk to current employees if you can. In addition try to establish what the culture of working there is like. During the interaction in the interview you need to exhibit both the necessary qualifications to perform the job and the essential fit needed to work effectively. You need to establish whether you would like to work in this particular environment as much as they are looking for the right fit.
While this Heineken viral marketing campaign ‘The Candidate’ is perhaps rather exaggerated it tells a worthwhile (and rather amusing) story about exhibiting the right fit and securing the job in a competitive marketplace.

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