Human Resources conceptThink about what happens when you go shopping. You find a pair of shoes you like and they are available at two shops, at similar prices. Which shop will you buy your shoes from? If you’re like me, you would choose the shop where you had the best experience with the salesperson – the one who made an extra effort, took a personal interest in you, was enthusiastic and really seemed to be enjoying the job – in the end, made your total shopping experience a pleasurable one and made you happy.

No brainer, right? We buy from companies that deliver the best service and are most focused on our needs.

Think about this next time you go for an interview. You have been invited for an interview along with others who have similar academic qualifications, relevant work experience, strong and interesting cover letters. How do you get them to choose you?

Remember the personal experience you felt when you bought the shoes? You need to give your interviewer a personal experience which will make them feel good about hiring you. Did you make them feel like you were really interested in the job, excited about the prospect of working for them and had the enthusiasm and commitment to work hard and deliver the best you possibly could? Did they feel you could think outside the square find solutions to tricky situations? Did they find you expressive, confident and clearly understood?

Employers look for people who can think, have good judgment and can make good decisions. People who can and want to understand their customers better. People who recognise that the road can often be rocky but have the perseverance to keep going, learn from their mistakes and do better next time. Above all, they look for people who are inherently motivated, internally driven to succeed and who want to make a difference. People who understand that a successful career is largely due to their own attitude and taking ownership of that responsibility.

Ultimately, people are better employees because they care more than the average employee. They care because they enjoy their work, the business, the industry and their customers so much that they’re always discovering new ways of how to improve and make the business more successful.

Think about these things next time you go for a job interview. Remember, to get the job you must leave the interviewer(s) with a great experience. It’s not just about who can do the job, but who wants the job the most and will deliver the best service.

Good luck!

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