Along with numerous Graduate Recruitment applications enquiries, heaps of students are having their CVs checked by Vic Careers, and a common question asked is whether to include referees and references with the CV?

A referee is someone who the employer can contact if they wish to ask about or clarify something about you or your personality, job experience, skills and attributes. Therefore it is important that you state the contact details of referees which you list on your CV and ensure that they are people who will say good things about you, if you wish to receive the job offer.

Provide details of two or three referees that you can trust to give an honest and positive account of you, so that your potential employer can quickly and easily ask about you. Include their names and phone numbers.
It is recommended that you don’t ask a friend or family member to be a referee. Employers will often ask questions that require an objective response and may feel that a family member or friend will not respond honestly.
When you’re approaching someone to be a referee be respectful and give them plenty of information. It is also sensible to give your referee a copy of your CV and keep them up to date with your job search progress.

References: Generally you do not need to include references on your CV unless the application instructions tell you to. Employers will ask for references if and when they are needed. You can simply state that: “Written references available upon request” at the bottom of your CV.

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