Is your motivation to earn a degree based on your intrinsic desire to achieve; what your parents want; or perhaps simply to land a decent job or start a dream career? So, do you actually need a degree? It is true that some occupations don’t necessarily value the traditional education training (e.g. some creative industries). Of course, there are always inspiring examples of successful degree-less individuals or dropouts.
So, what should you do?

Earning a degree indicates to employers that you are capable of long-term professional commitments, that you most likely are able to communicate your ideas, perform research and follow instructions. You are probably capable of original thought and may even have some specific disciplinary knowledge. True, some degrees are occupational in nature (e.g. doctor, lawyer, accountant), but what you study doesn’t necessarily lock you into that occupation. The skills you develop are typically transferable to a variety of occupations, so you might even increase your chances of professional variety and stimulation. Many times, when employers are faced with hiring decisions, those without degrees don’t make the cut. Check out this recent exploration from the USA:

Degree Dilemma: Is a College Degree Worth It?

Besides all the pragmatic career skills you may develop, being a student is fun! Think about all the interesting people and ideas you are exposed to. Being an alumna or alumnus keeps those networks alive, so you can continue to feel inspired by all the cool things your peers accomplish.

Ultimately, you have to find your own motivation to persevere through the end of your degree. No one said it was easy! It can help to remind yourself why you want it and what you are learning about yourself in the process.

You might try using the ePortfolio feature in CareerHub to confidentially record your thoughts. Understanding your motivation for earning a degree may keep you more motivated, focussed, or realistic.

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    A great infographic on the ‘degree dilemma’ from an American perspective. Is gaining a degree a necessity or a nice to have?



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