Okay, so my blog this week might be a bit of a rant. Hey, we are all entitled to that every so often!
It was sparked off at our staff meeting where we were discussing the enormous efforts we have to go to in order to ensure just a decent number of people turn up to events that (we know and the ones who attend know) will really benefit them. Career development and employment for our university students is our business and we are passionate about supporting students. However, we do get a bit miffed (80s slang sums up my feelings!) when we put on events that students either don’t bother to book in for, fail to turn up to or arrive late. We don’t mind the effort of marketing – we do shed loads: student targeted emails; easy booking systems; blogs; Facebook; Twitter; liaison with clubs and faculties; posters; plasma screens etc.
So, what’s it all about. Why do today’s students need so much persuasion to attend events they themselves identify as important? Connections with employers and graduate recruitment expos together with events to assist with professional and personal development are wonderful opportunities……and free while at University!
Is it just that students are not being organised enough; not bothering; not thinking beyond the hour; not worrying about the future; not considering what being employable might mean?
This is something that is happening all over the world – not just for support services but also in relation to the education we pay for. A couple of years ago NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway gave some valuable life advice to a student who arrived very late to his class so he was asked to leave. His email has now gone viral. The Professor’s response is quite clear; “Get your S*** together”. He talks about getting the easy stuff right, like being polite, being on time, attending events and respecting the institutions as life can throw some pretty tough stuff at you later. Perhaps there is a lesson in these words and bear in mind it is good to show some resilience and get involved in a wide range of opportunities. Attending events isn’t too hard, so keep it easy and keep developing yourself…. See you at the next event!!

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