running20late20pic1How late is too late to respond to job ads?

We often hear students say they have noticed fantastic job opportunities advertised but missed out because they were late in sending in an application. For the part-time/casual generic vacancies that are popular and ideal for work experience, e.g. office administration, accounts, customer services and reception work, employers are often flooded with early applications and will sometimes shorten their advertising period. If you spend too much time in perfecting a cover letter and/or CV, or have left it for a few days before applying, you may find the job posting has been taken down early, and you will feel disappointed in having missed the chance to apply for it. To avoid such disappointments, you should keep your CV up to date so you can submit your application early!
Graduate Recruiters are constantly encouraging students to submit early applications, as they can give students’ applications more attention and have more time to read their covering letters and CVs. Late applications will not only risk missing the pre-selection process, but also catch computer overload and internet issues when people all try to submit their online forms at the last minute.

On the other hand, should you notice an ideal job and have missed its deadline, there’s no harm in applying, even if that position is filled. If the employer likes your application, they may keep you in mind for the next opening. Make sure your cover letter has a convincing strategy and evidence of your relevant experience and skills.

Is there anything wrong with sending job applications late at night?
“As a recent college graduate, I’ve been applying to a number of jobs and carefully tailor my cover letters and resumes to fit the job posting, etc. One thing I’ve noticed is that because it takes me quite some time to finish this, I often send in my application quite late at night. For the ones I send through email, I was wondering if hiring managers ever look askew at applications sent at 1 am or later, or if it’s not something they take into consideration” Read more

How to avoid missing application deadlines:

– Check closing dates and what’s involved
Even when the closing date looks far off, you should look at what exactly the application involves, otherwise you might get yourself into trouble. e.g. Request for references submitted on his or her behalf, that takes time or for a piece of written work. Only once you know exactly what you need, will you really know how much time will be required to prepare a suitable application.
– Give yourself enough time
Remember to pencil in enough time for researching the details of the job vacancy, selection criteria, the employer and so on. You might also think about taking some extra time for your very first application, because it’ll probably take you a while to get into the swing of it. Don’t forget Vic Careers has workshops on On-line Job applications, CVs, interviews and aptitude tests. Have your CV checked during the drop-ins.
– Don’t wait until the deadline
Think of the deadline as the very last opportunity to submit your application. It’s good to take your time and read over your application a few times. If you leave the application to the last minute, the company might already have received a lot of applications and the job could already be gone.

So, there’s no need to panic, keep checking your CareerHub job updates, Employer recruitment presentations, career networking seminars and don’t forget to attend the Campus Careers Expo (16 May) and ICT Careers Expo (17 May).

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