This week is graduation week for Victoria University and there are so many positive stories as these men and women go off onto the next stages of their lives. Many of them will stay in touch and even when they are in different locations they will use social media to maintain that professional network. LinkedIn is great for that. I have to say it is something I have only recently started to use more effectively and there is still more I could do. It also throws up some interesting articles for the fields I am interested in – clever. The one I link to now is from Business Insider, Australia, and covers a slide show “The 3 Secrets Of Highly Successful Graduates” by the founder of LinkedIn – billionaire Reid Hoffman. While he is an entrepreneur, his advice is useful for all careers and industry sectors. Read it and see what you think. What I liked about it was that, while the key points have been said before, many new graduates don’t hear them. This presentation is a clear and concise way to get across the message that our careers will change and develop, that it is important we connect with people and that we attempt new things and keep on learning. So, graduates in New Zealand, go for it!

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