31 May, 2013

Chance encounters

Last week I came across an interesting article on chance encounters and it made me think about how one’s future can be completely turned around by a chance encounter! How many times have you heard people in successful careers say that they happened to fall into that line of work by accident or chance?

A friend of mine who worked as a stockbroker found himself developing mussel farms in South America strictly as a result of striking up a conversation with a fellow bus commuter which started off with their shared passion in sailing! This friend is now a very successful business developer who travels the world. Curiosity, openness to possibilities, self-awareness and a certain amount of risk-taking all led to this exciting opportunity.

If we look back on our lives I’m sure we can all find at least one moment where a chance occurrence led to our good fortune – for example, we may have been running late for an event only to find out later that by being late we managed to avoid a serious accident. Perhaps we’ve even met our spouse or partner by a chance meeting at a party we didn’t want to go to but decided to attend at the last minute.

A chance encounter is the ultimate serendipity. Being alert to things around you, being open to meeting new people and trying new things all increase our chances of being lucky. Have you noticed that some people just seem to be luckier than others? That’s probably because they haven’t been afraid to ‘put themselves out there’ and seek out opportunities for engaging themselves in things they are interested in be that professional, personal or social. If you enjoy tennis, have you joined up at one of the tennis clubs? If you enjoy art, have you become a friend/member of your local art gallery or museum? If you are studying marketing, have you become a member of the marketing association?

One of my favourite quotes comes from Dick Bolles, the author of the very popular “What Color is Your Parachute?” book. He says, “Luck favours the prepared mind”. I love this quote. The opportunity for exciting ‘chance encounters’ can actually be increased if we only allow ourselves to be open to receive them.

Now, back to the article that actually got me thinking about this in the first place! For interesting reading on how chance encounters can enrich your life see: http://heartrelationships.com/chance-encounters/

Here’s to chance!!chance encounters

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  1. Good stuff!
    Chaos Theory of Careers ! (Pryor & Bright, 2003, 2011)
    Dick is paraphrasing lois pasteur…



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