If social media isn’t already on your radar as a source of career information, potential career contacts and job vacancies, it really should be. I have sourced an article from one of my favourite websites that will help you navigate your way towards becoming more aware of social media’s potential in your job search and long-term career development. And of course as you progress your own career, social media is also a good way to keep in touch with your academic peers and university friends, with the possibility of not only tracking each other’s career progress but also providing on-going and timely advice and information even when your careers may have taken you into different spheres and continents.

The second resource I am recommending is a slide-based report on internet usage trends across the globe by respected ‘Net’ commentator, Mary Meeker. You may be very surprised at some of the data and what it reveals about where we are now and where the trends are taking us and of course the implications for job markets globally and job seekers.

Job Hunting on Social Media   http://icould.com/article/job-hunting-on-social-media/

Internet Trends D11 Conference   http://blog.slideshare.net/2013/05/29/the-state-of-the-internet-good-bad-or-somewhere-in-between/

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