Ask yourself, how long have you been sitting in that chair? 
It doesn’t matter if you are studying, working, playing games or watching TV, they all count.
Be honest…
Sitting in front of Computer

Yes, prolonged sitting is bad for health…
…but surely it can be compensated with lots of exercise?

Weight lifting

Apparently Not!

Time bomb on a chair

"Being sedentary for nine hours a day at the office is bad for your health whether you go home and watch television afterwards or hit the gym. It is bad whether you are morbidly obese or marathon-runner thin.

It appears that what is critical and maybe even more important than going to the gym, is breaking up that sitting time."

James Levine, an expert from the Mayo Clinic

So yes, you need your coffee moment now!

Coffee break

Sitting is the new smoking
Sitting is killing you

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