It’s exam time for our students so I was mulling over the above statement and wondering if it’s true. Can the approach that students use for studying be applied to finding a job? I think it can although it does depend on what your approach is. If you’re a last minute cram the night before type of person then this won’t work for the job search – you can’t wait until you’re completely in debt before looking for work. However, if you take the time to work out what you’re studying for/what type of job you want and follow the steps below then hopefully a pass grade/job offer won’t be far away.

  1. Have up to date course notes. Have an up to date CV and Cover Letter. So important. There are sites a-plenty on creating these but I saw this recent post on the Guardian Careers site. Then get it checked over by someone who reads them every day. Victoria students make sure you come to our daily drop in times
  2. Set regular routines of study. Set aside time each day for job searching and be prepared for it to possibly take longer than you think
  3. Set daily/weekly study goals. You need this for your job search too. Don’t know how? Have a look at Careers NZ  
  4. Remember to take study breaks. No-one can or should job search 24/7. Don’t feel guilty about taking a break!
  5. If stressed, ask for help. Talk to your family and friends and for professional help visit your University careers office

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