It’s the semester break and I for one am very happy about this. I have 3 long weeks before my next paper starts and while I’m still working full time I eagerly anticipate being able to start those things I never get round to doing like organising my photos from several overseas trips, researching a volunteering job, clearing out my closet etc. I am also excited about accepting every social invitation because ‘hey, I have no study’. What is actually happening is I am realising I am tired. Very tired. So, I am giving myself permission to actually take a break from my ‘To Do’ list and focus on the little things like cooking decent food, watching TV without feeling guilty, reading books for pleasure, sleeping in at the weekends. Ah the simple pleasures these will bring.

We live in such a busy world these days that some people don’t know how to stop and take a break. Or they consider it but the guilt of letting things slide and the stress of having to catch up on things outweighs any joy in the anticipated break. So they leave it. Even in the job hunt people feel bad about taking a break because surely if they just keep pushing themselves something will come their way. Of course it will but not if you’re half dead from exhaustion or are making basic mistakes in your applications because you’re so panicked.

There are also lots of health reasons why taking a break should be mandatory in every human’s life but some people still find it hard to stop or slow down. Because of this I’m not going to tell you that you must take a break but I will tell you that it’s ok to take a break and I thought it might be useful to read some suggestions on how you can do this.

To find out how to give yourself a break while trying to find a job see here

To get some ideas on how you can take a break see here.  I like this site as it lists ways of how to take a break physically, emotionally, mentally and, my favourite, from technology.


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