It is that time of year again where various disciplines are meeting to discuss novel ideas, innovations, or perhaps simply those time trusted debates.

Reasons to get involved as a student:

1. Evaluate what jobs are out there

  • Experience what it could be like to actually work in the field you’re studying. Perhaps you’ll be exposed to jobs that you never even thought of.

2. Low pressure presenting

  • Conferences offer supportive environments to present your ideas or challenge your thinking. The expectations are more relaxed for students.

3. Meet the experts

  • You can mix with the experts before you are expected to be one.

4. Potential Mentoring

  • People seem to enjoy helping out the up and comers in their field. However, it helps to meet them first! Before the conference, contact people you admire from the delegate or presenter list, and respectfully ask if they’ll meet you for a quick cuppa.

5. Price

  • Many organisations offer student rates, and you might have access to travel grants or funding.

So, make a point to attend the next conference in your discipline, while you are still a student!

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