EarthquakeIf you have been in Wellington this past week, then you will have experienced the earth move under your feet! Some of us felt this several times, some stronger than others. Was it unnerving for you? What went through your mind during one of the stronger quakes/aftershocks?

It certainly made me stop and think about my life. Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Friends and colleagues commented on how it made them realise how precious life is and made them reflect on what was really important in their lives.

Are you making the most of what life has to offer? Or are you just sitting back taking whatever comes your way? Now is a good time to consider your options. What do you really want out of life? What goals and dreams do you have? How do you go about achieving these goals and dreams?

Your degree qualification should equip you for a world which is constantly changing but it is up to you to decide how you want to use the skills that you have developed and how to develop new skills that might be required for future career opportunities. But even with the best laid plans, the labour market may not cooperate with the job of your choice when you are ready to graduate. The well prepared graduate is self-aware and recognises that they have a range of transferable skills which can be used in a variety of occupations.

Like earthquakes, the job climate is highly unpredictable and like the aftermath of an earthquake, it pays to be prepared. Adaptability, resilience, self-management, resourcefulness, ability to relate to and work with others are all skills which will take you far. Entrepreneurial skills are also well worth developing – many graduates have achieved their dreams by being job-creators, not job seekers.

There are plenty of opportunities to develop a strong set of transferable skills. Try getting some work experience, volunteer in your community or at university, mentor other students, get involved in clubs and associations, join a leadership programme or even try an overseas exchange! There are plenty of choices and the choice is yours.

So, don’t just sit back…shake, rattle and roll yourself into a terrific future!

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