Pausing….. has always been mistreated for delaying processes and withholding successes. However, I have found it to be one of the most powerful tool that fires up speed and volume considerably! Here’s why.

1. Bring more oxygen to the brain!
Need more oxygen
Continuous shallow breaths resulting from stress, nerve or tension can significantly deter the brain from processing information and making sound judgement. By allowing ourselves a little pause, we are actually giving our brain an opportunity to catch up with the much needed oxygen and bring back the rhythm to soldier on.

2. Clean up the mess and clutter!
Running around madly
Inevitably, when the stress is high and the tension is great, there is a tendency to run around madly like a headless chicken. However, when we do that, instead of getting things done, we are actually creating more unnecessary workload and processes, making our goal even more unattainable. Taking a pause in time like this is crucial to allow us the opportunity to recollect our thought, strategize, delete redundant steps and perform more efficiently.

3. Free up space for learning and creativity
This is the greatest benefit for me personally. A pause is an excellent gizmo that wakes me up from my habituated routines and ways of doing things, releasing me into the present and allowing me to see/think outside the box! Often, some of these routines could be the very reason why I am stuck/delayed in the first place. There’s absolutely no reason to keep fighting on when things aren’t working out! By making a deliberate pause, I would have a chance to explore how to improve/simplify my techniques and come out with a new solution that works better!

So, the next time you are stressed… have a pause!
Step out, do some exercise, have a walk, catch some fresh air, have a drink with friends, attend an event… the list is endless… just do something different, for a little while. You may even learn something new in the process… And then, when you return, you will find that you are returning with a vengeance!

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