This collection of videos is a great resource and has something for everyone no matter what your field of study or personal values and each video is only a few minutes long.  If you’re studying art subjects – as I did – or science – don’t be dismissive of the material or demonize it because it has a business focus.  There’s plenty here, clearly labelled and easy to search, that will get you thinking – which is sometimes more important than whether you agree (or not) with what you’re hearing. It’s useful too, to understand commonly held views or perspectives even if you disagree with or reject them.  What you hear may even spur you into crystallizing and expressing your own ideas or developing alternative ways of thinking, and acting.

The video collection is quite large and as you’d expect of HBS, you’ll see crystal clear images and presenters who are experts in their field and have so earned the right to express an opinion and be listened to.

There are two videos that I recommend. The first ‘Slingshot Your Career’ looks at how an apparent career dive actually turned into a career take-off. The second, ‘Improve Your Leadership Presence’ provides a simple and practical way to do just that. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Thanks for these videos….



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