11 September, 2013

Make it a Career Story!

Whether or not you have actual ‘work’ experience is not necessarily what counts. It’s how you ‘sell’ your experience to an employer.

  • Think back across your experiences. What did you do that demonstrated initiative? Flexibility? Intercultural communication?
  • Tell a story – the Careers way. Employers don’t especially want to hear the ins and outs of every story, but they want to know the outcome of what you did. Focus on the solution, and use action words to describe what you did. The employer wants to know how you would benefit the organisation and what you can offer to them.

One useful way to frame your ‘career stories’ is using the STAR model. Think of a skill you would like to demonstrate (i.e. what skills are required on the job description?). Then use the STAR:

Situation: describe a situation or problem you have encountered
Task: describe the task that the situation required or your ideas for resolving it
Action: describe the action you took, any obstacles you overcame.
Results: Highlight outcomes achieved

Simply login, click on Experiences, and reflect away!

Contact eportfolio@vuw.ac.nz for more information.

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