Recently I came across a blog talking about the need to keep a “Shadow Resume” handy for those civilian roles where they probably don’t actually want to know how educated you have become.

True, some PhD students and graduates strategically leave off their amazing accomplishment as to not stupefy their potential employer. This is known as tailoring your CV for the role, and vice versa may apply when going for those academic positions. Should you leave off those non-applicable roles?

Alternately, how about focussing on your actual skills? Surely you must have developed and benefited from your over-education. So, what do you have to offer an employer:

  • adaptability?
  • Problem solving?
  • Communication?
  • Self-management?


It’s a good idea to start reflecting on those skills and how you might communicate them.

Use your ePortfolio – The ePortfolio on CareerHub provides a digital space where you can store and reflect on your skill development.

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