FightWatch an employer & employee’s battle that has gone public and viral recently! …witness how they attempted to take each out on social media! Who’s the ultimate winner?

 Talking about quitting in style, the employee, Marina Shifrin has sure nailed it.

 She’s bold, she’s creative, she’s not intimidated …and the best of all, she can dance!

 But wait! Check out her employer, Next Media Animation’s response!

 They’re responsive, they’re innovative, and they’re not intimidated either! …they can’t really dance though…

One thing for sure, they have both gained instant fame overnight…

Marina gets to tell the world that she’s looking for a job, and she has got some skills to back it up! Apparently, she has got a job offer from Queen Latifah.

Next Media Animation gets to tell the world that they are hiring, and they have got a rooftop pool to entice you in!

But, is there a winner here really?

Or have they both paid dearly in some ways? Hmmm…

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 The continuation…


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