16 October, 2013

Exam Stress Busters

Exam stress3Stressed out by exams and study overload? One of the best ways to relieve the pressure is to take some time out. Here are some slightly left-of-field ways to fend of that stress:

  • Pat a pooch. Get some puppy love and hug something furry. Otago University has a puppy room where students can de-stress by playing with a couple of canine cuties in return for a small donation to the SPCA. If there is no puppy to hand, get down to the local park and make some four legged friends. There are always dogs (and owners) who will appreciate a few extra sticks thrown for them. The change of scene will do you good too.
  • Pummel a piñata. Take a leaf out of Michigan law students’ book and pelt a piñata! Grab some friends, flatties and fellow crammers and beat exam stress literally. Watch out for the sugar crash from the lollies though.
  • Get the App. Study on the go with a range of study apps for mobile devices.  Personally I’m a pen and paper girl but worth a look by the more tech savvy. 10 best college apps
  • Take a mindful moment. Try this two minute mindful moment to refocus and relax.
  • Good luck!

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