When I read last week about Eleanor Catton winning the prestigious Man Booker prize for her book The Luminaries, apart from going “Yay!” I was interested to read that while she was at university she was too nervous to say that she wanted to be a writer. I think it’s great that she found the courage to pursue her dreams and is doing something she obviously loves (and doing it so well). Can we all find that? The supposed ‘dream job’?

A lot of people strive for it because they think if they have the dream job then they’ll be happy. And of course we all want to be happy. These days though we don’t do one job for life, we do several jobs. So, is it even possible to find a dream job? I personally think it’s more about the dream career. Rather than hoping a specific job will make you happy how about focusing on your dream career in relation to your life. I read an article on the Forbes website that focused on this idea of the of the dream life rather than the dream job:

“Instead of dreaming of a specific career path from which they’d never waver, recent graduates are better off dreaming of a general career path in conjunction with a desired lifestyle. And they shouldn’t be afraid to follow their dreams as it shape-shifts according to their circumstances”

For those who do have a particular dream job in mind this is not to say you shouldn’t go for it but consider what the article talks about and take a moment to ask yourself, do you know what the job actually involves? Do you know what skills, attributes and education are needed? Do you know what tasks and responsibilities you’ll be doing in the job?  You want to make sure that your expectations match the reality. If you’re one step further on and already have an idea as to the type of employer you want to work for then make contact with them. The very best people to talk to in the first instance are those most likely to employ you.

A reminder to Victoria students and graduate to talk to us at Vic Careers if you want to mull over your options. It’s a busy time of year but hang in there and book an appointment to see a career consultant.

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