Toothpaste and cap

Did you put the cap on the toothpaste?

Did you put the cap on the toothpaste?

I assume you brush your teeth this morning.
So, DID you put the cap on this morning?
Or DIDN’T you?
Or can you be SURE?
        ~Grey’s Anatomy, Series 9

The year is almost coming to an end. Some of us are looking forward to the great relief brought forth by the upcoming end of year holiday break, others are rushing around to get things done before the year is over. Christmas: Time for reflection, appreciation and celebrations!

But hey, Have you enjoyed the year? Has it been a good year? Would you be happy to continue to do what you have been doing? Do you see a future there? …Yes? …No? …Maybe? Do you actually care?!Routine life

This brings me to another movie ‘Click’ about this workaholic who has no time for his family or anything that doesn’t bring him success career wise. He uses a magical remote to bypass a lot of seemingly not so important affairs in life. After a while, his body switches to the “auto pilot” function, causing his mind to skip ahead while his body goes through the motions of everyday life.

Ahhhh…… Auto pilot!

In some ways, we all have this auto pilot switch embedded in us too. Often, we go through our daily life, doing the same things that we have always been and known to do, day in and day out, day after day… without realising or thinking about what we have been doing.

Before we know it, it’s another day gone, another month and then another YEAR! Where has the time gone? We always ask.

 Here’s a great real life story, have a read: Legal eagle Mai Chen’s new path                   

   I said to him, “You know hon, if you died, I would just stop working.’
  And he said to me, “That’s ironic, because I’m alive and you’re never here.”  

  I wish I’d done what I wanted to do, not what everyone expected me to do.

So, before we venture into yet another year of routine and auto piloting, now is a good time to stop and have a review – Are you navigating or auto piloting?

If you love what you have been doing, great, stay at it! If you absolutely dislike what you have been doing, dread the arrival of each new day and can’t wait for the day to end, then you really need to seriously reconsider your options. Talk to some friends and family members, get some professional advice… If you need some advice on your study options or career paths, go and visit your university’s or local careers office.Just hanging on

Don’t simply auto pilot through your life…
Before you know it, it’s another year gone!

Prioritise, and make time for what’s important…

PS. I really CAN’T remember if I have put the cap on the toothpaste or not this morning!!

By the way, did I close the door?

Paying attention

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