Drinking at career functions – the etiquette can be awkward. What if you love to drink and what if you don’t drink at all?

I’ve found that in New Zealand, many networking/career/social functions revolve around drinking alcohol. In particular, with holiday functions coming up, how much should you drink?

Here is an article and infograhic that breaks it down for you.


Interestingly, the wording implies that we should drink with our workmates. Personally, I’ve been sober for the last eight months, and will continue to be when breastfeeding. Many other non-pregnant folks don’t drink, so where do they fit into this?

You don’t need to drink to have fun. There are always non-alcoholic beverages on offer so you can have something in your hand. Colleagues could even pour you an acceptable drink in a wineglass.

Staying sober can actually be more fun! You get to witness and remember the behaviour of your colleagues, and you can guide the conversations. You can avoid potential drunken debauchery, and even offer to help with transport.

The holiday function provides a great opportunity to enjoy your colleagues company without work pressure or meeting agendas. So, aim to keep yourself sober enough to actually appreciate them for who they are, and to extend your professional networks by meeting others in the organisation.

If you do drink, keep it professional! Just because there is free booze available doesn’t mean this is your chance to get sloshed. Your reputation may suffer. Remember, there are always those sober eyes who will remember. 🙂

Image credit Rusałka

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  1. This website really has all the info I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.



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