social media blogWhen thinking about relevant skills for your graduate job social media knowledge is of interest for prospective employers, whatever position you are applying for. There can be an assumption that because you have been a student you are up to date on the latest trends and they want that latest thinking in their organisation. However, I’d suggest you do need to think about the context in which you might apply any knowledge you have to their business. Perhaps you would also like to consider getting some training from friends/research if your social media skills are low-level and you should certainly be aware of trending social media. Check out the 2014 trends which include Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ and the continuing dominance of video.
Organisations are more and more aware of the need for a strong social media strategy (at the core of their strategy rather than peripheral); the hiring of digital marketing talent and the need for investment in this area. Business, government and not for profit sectors are using social media platforms to further their growth in networking, recruiting, marketing, sales and many more areas.
For your CV it is important to distinguish between professional and personal use of social media. If you are technically competent then make a point of the specific skills (e.g HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP or SQL) and if you have good communication skills combined with a basic technical understanding, such that you can write for social media this is also useful.
Hey – just to show how up to date I am with social media did you like the meme I chose for the blog – my kids told me about these!

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