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With the year ending, Vic Careers are pleased to receive positive feedback from recruiters having taken on successful candidates now launching onto their future career path, internship programmes and summer work opportunities. However, there is this constant reminder that unsuccessful applicants are not proof reading their CVs carefully to eliminate undesirable spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc. A common mistake is with candidates who rush off a last minute application. You forget recruiters are experts at spotting not only inspiring candidates with excellent qualities, but those with errors or content that don’t match to their criteria – CVs that quickly ends up in the bin in less than 30 seconds! Passing the HR screening is more difficult because their job is to screen applicants out, with a very brief look at what you have to offer. You have to win them over fast!!

Here is just a few of our recruiters comments to take note of things to avoid:

  • Candidates should have more knowledge on the firm, commercial awareness.
  • Need to have better knowledge of what was written in their covering letter and CVs, confidence in themselves, be able to highlight how what they had done was good or made a significant difference etc., rather than down-playing their part in something.
  • A number of applications referring to other firms, they had obviously copied and pasted.
  • Some talk about their strengths being ‘attention to detail’ yet their CV and Covering letter is full of errors.
  • Researching the firm and relating their experience to the service line and culture is important.

Sounds early, but the 2014 March Graduate and Summer Internship recruitment is not far away. Your aim is to prepare a professional CV that grabs attention in a matter of seconds and stand out from the rest. Start your preparation now that exams are over or take time out during the summer break. Come to Vic Careers to have your CV checked by a Careers Consultant. We are open throughout the summer. Keep checking CareerHub for updates on jobs and career events. Don’t forget you can view and learn from archived jobs for employer’s requirements:

Start here with your job hunting preparation:

“Surviving the 30-second glance is something every job seeker must prepare for before sending out resumes. Hiring managers and/or the people who screen resumes don’t have time to waste. A quick look will immediately tell them if they want to read further. You need to do a good job of selling yourself to the prospective new employer. If you don’t your resume will end up in the circular file and you will never know why. To avoid this sad story, take steps now to make sure that your resume survives the 30-second glance.” Read more for tips to get started:

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