ChangeThis week we will be moving offices. I’m a little sad, a little excited and a little exhausted just thinking about the mammoth job ahead – I don’t think there will be a lot of resting going on!

There will be a lot of changes once we move (we will have far less paper from several decades ago for a start…) and while part of me is apprehensive most of me is ready to embrace it. I think this is partly because we’ve had heaps of notice so I’ve had time to prepare myself. I’m definitely the type of personality that needs advance warning! Not all changes happen like that though. Change can be sudden and unexpected and bewildering. So how do you deal with unexpected change, especially in the work place?

Firstly, don’t freak out.

Secondly, talk to someone about it.

Thirdly, be kind to yourself.

Yes they are all very simplistic bits of advice but they will help. For some actual practical advice read this great blog post.

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