Hooray, the festive season is almost here! Christmas tree, fairy lights, shopping, holiday cards, presents… ho ho ho… I’m sooooo looking forward to a good break.

But, what would make this occasion a great, meaningful and unforgettable season?

  How about putting a smile on someone’s face?
with some Random Acts of Kindness
Smiley Face happy cry
Buy someone a coffee - Random act of kindness Enjoy a treat on me - Random act of kindness Kind message - Random act of kindness Christmas random act of kindness

Every little thing counts. Share some love this season.

  And yes, don’t forget about yourself – put a smile on your face too!
…also with some random acts!
Smiley Face laughing hard
  • Make time for Silly: Throw on a fun CD and sing at the top of your lungs; watch a silly movie; laugh out loudly & madly etc…

Find your inner child! And yes, there is an inner child in you! If not, watch Mr Bean for some inspirations (may look silly but definitely fun)!

Still too much time on your hands? Check out the following, this should keep you busy!

  Have a great festive season everyone! Christmas tree

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