companyrelocatedMany of you will know how much work it is to move out of halls, flats or houses. How come we accumulate so much? When we move offices it’s the same thing. The team at Vic Careers have just relocated less than 0.5Km away but boy, did we have to put a lot of effort in. We googled how to do it stress free but realised we were off the mark when it said start EARLY. We quickly closed the office for a day and did the sort out: 11 large recycling bins, 4 containers off to the shredder and a whole bunch of rubbish to the tip was stage one. With 17 years’ worth of accumulated careers material we pulled together as a team to clear out and then pack up. We used our problem-solving, communication and can-do, flexible attitudes to be a very efficient team which ensured a successful office relocation. Along the way we found some great retro items such as vacancy bulletins and graduate recruitment brochures from the early 80s – wow those shoulder pads and permed hair styles! Interestingly much of the advice about being prepared for job hunting and developing transferable skills is the same. We still need to be aware of our strengths and where we need to improve, and to focus and target our job applications.
Boxes and boxes were shifted and allocated to desks. We are now in the original main University building – Hunter 120 –  which makes us feel we are part of the halls of academia. With our ever positive attitudes we are determined not to become unproductive open plan office workers and so have strategies to cope with this. We also have a spacious and friendly student area and we will be welcoming students to use the computers, get careers advice, develop employability skills and apply for graduate jobs. Come and see us!