If you are interested in some ‘seasonal’ extra-curricular education, Wikipedia has some fascinating information describing how ‘Christmas’ is ‘celebrated’ in fifty-five countries.

Christmas, whether you see this as a religious or secular holiday, may be an interesting example of how cultures, to varying degrees, may embrace or reject, tolerate or integrate aspects of an alternative culture. Whether it’s something intangible like an idea or belief or something tangible like a practice or activity, cultures (and individuals of course) generally take on the parts that resonate with existing cultural folklore and motifs, national history, religious beliefs, and social practices, and discard the rest. The new and the existing then, over time, mesh together, creating something that becomes exclusive to that culture and in some instances, bears only a ghostly resemblance to the source idea or practice.  Christmas is a good illustration of this. The common themes of celebration of the years’ end, and new beginnings celebrated over food with family and friends, seem universal but most cultures seem to have planted these themes firmly within their own culture, creating something that is their own version of ‘Christmas’ or a seasonal celebration.

Have a  wonderful Christmas and summer break.


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