17 January, 2014

New Year, New You?

I always find the start of January an interesting time as suddenly it’s all about starting over, starting fresh, out with the old in with the new, etc. I get why we do this, the start of a new year generally does inspire people to make changes and I’ve always felt lucky living in New Zealand in January because its summer and I usually find that making changes in the summer feels easier. It’s sunny and lighter and that can generally make you feel more energized and more inclined to feel positive about change. So, for those of us that do want to make some changes in 2014, how do we go about this? The New Zealand Herald published an article last week about the new year being a good opportunity to re-evaluate your goals, in your work and personal life. I’ve never been a good goal setter, mainly because it seems like hard work, but the article reminds you about making them realistic, manageable, with a focus on what you can achieve. I want to buy a house this year but rather than set a goal of ’I will buy a house this year” and get myself all down hearted if I don’t, I’m going to set a goal of ‘in the next month I will go and view 5 houses rather than only seeing them on the internet’. I know I can do that so I’m going to succeed. And we all feel good about ourselves when we succeed.

So how can you manage your own goals? Here are some helpful tips:

• Before making new goals, reassess the old ones and throw out the ones that have become unrealistic.

• All goals are not created equal, they should be in line with a person’s skills and expertise. Set goals that YOU want to happen, not for anyone else.

• Set time limits on goals.

• Divide goals up into manageable sub-goals, but always with an awareness of what you’re trying to achieve.

• Reflect on what your dreams are, what you want to achieve and what may be limiting you from meeting your goals.

Read the full New Zealand Herald article here

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