An introduction to work (subset of a career) & a recipe (truly!)

I’m (fairly) new to Vic Careers and brand new to blogging so I’m not only grappling with a (fairly) new work place but also coming to grips with being a blogger.  To be honest, blogging sounds a bit messy (doesn’t it?) so I should be right at home.  Having spent a fair few years thinking out loud I have decided to adopt this as a blogging philosophy.

Facing this task I’ve been coaxed to acknowledge that my expertise on careers comes from more years than I have fingers and toes to count, those years spent balanced on a series of wobbly A-shaped career “ladders “whose ups and downs indicated that for me a wide step was preferable to an upward climb.  This is my ‘career wavelength’, as I like to call it, and I’ll be drawing on the goods and bads of it to see what of this experience might be useful to think out loud about.

If you’ve got a career, somewhere along the line you’ll find yourself in a workplace.  I’d like to take a somewhat critical view, challenging the status quo of today’s workplaces.  What I have written so far is 11 pages long (with only one picture) and I’m assuming most blog attention spans are probably only ¾ of a page, if that, so I’ll present this in series form.  This gives me time to peek ahead a bit before I start thinking out loud and it gives you time to comment and add in things you know, think or find that might be helpful.

What I’ve got lined up for us is (at this point) separated into five sections:

1.  Why work? This is about your motivation to work and how ideas have changed over the years.
2.  Preparing to work.  This includes a look at the concept of passion and introduces a new, fun career guide.
3.  Choosing your work.  So far I’m dealing with fit in this part but we might be able to squeeze in a bit of passion, too, depending on how you react to Part 2.
4.  Where you work. We have a new leadership, when will we get a new office?  I present a solutions-based attack on open plan offices (solutions-based attack – is that another term for war?).
5.  Who/what we are at work?  …human resources?!  …get real!

A recommended resource for this series is 11 TED talks called Work Smarter.

And while you’re watching those, you can make this.  It’s an amalgamation of found recipes and bought pie shells:
No-bake pumpkin pie filling

I made this for Thanksgiving 2013, for my husband and me to take to our respective work places.  Some people might be uncomfortable using their workmates as guinea pigs on a new recipe, but not me.  My workmates were very kind, which either means the pies were good or they were being the best new workmates in the world.

Qty:  This filled the 36 small baked pie shells I bought with about ¾ cup leftover which, refrigerated till set, made a nice pudding treat.

Filling ingredients:
2 ½ c. cooked pumpkin
2 c. milk (I used creamy evaporated milk)
1 ½ c sugar (I use brown sugar for my pumpkin pies – good for texture and flavour)
2 Tbsp corn flour (corn starch)
½ tsp salt
1½ t cinnamon
½ tsp cloves
½ tsp ginger
½ tsp nutmeg (use fresh and grind in a bit of finger)   (just kidding RE the finger)
2 egg yolks

Combine the milk, pumpkin, sugar, salt, corn flour and spices.  Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes, I stirred very frequently to keep the corn flour from lumping because there’s nothing worse than lumpkiny pumpkiny pie.
Now take a bit of this thickened filling mixture and mix it with the egg yolks to keep them from cooking as you blend them into the thickened filling.  Add this eggy mixture to the filling and cook for 4-5 minutes more.
I let this cool just slightly before spooning into the cooked pie shells, filling them to the edges with a slightly fat middle.
Refrigerate until serving.  Top with a dab of freshly whipped cream.

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