27 February, 2014

What do I wear to the…..?

I picked up this Vic Careers reference book titled ‘The Little Book of Calm’ by Paul Wilson while deciding what to write for my blog. One of Paul Wilson’s secrets for calm includes: ‘Wear White: The clothes you wear have a distinct influence on the way you feel. Loose garments, natural fabrics and light colours all lead to calm. ’
It is important to dress appropriately for the occasion. How often has a student asked us the question ‘what do I wear to the…?’
• Careers Expo
• Coffee meeting with a prospective employer
• Video interview/Skype
• On-campus evening employer presentation
• Networking function at the office
• Job interview

Graduate recruiters interview a large number of candidates for limited number of positions so first impressions are more important than ever. Appearance is the first thing you communicate to others. Before you have a chance to speak, others notice how you dress and draw conclusions about you accordingly. A well-groomed professional appearance is essential.
For most on-campus events or at Careers Expos, recruiters generally do not expect you to transform from casual student wear to formal attire. It is advisable to dress in attractive, smart casual wear; business like, crisp and neat, classic style rather than trendy. Avoid baggy or tight clothing for business casual wear.

When attending formal job interviews, the interviewees must pay attention to everything from what they wear and how they are groomed to their body language. Both male and female should generally plan to wear fairly conservative suits (corporate and work place appropriate) in conservative colours, and the outfit should be well coordinated and comfortable on you. The colour of your clothing sends a subconscious message to the interviewer about your personality. The right colour can help convey your confidence, professionalism and a positive attitude. Also, the employer will sense you will have the ability to be successful in their organisation. Remember people hire people they like.

Attire in some creative fields such as advertising, entertainment and the arts is generally less conservative, so the dress code are a bit more relaxed. However it’s always best to err on the conservative side while still being modern and stylish. Avoid wild, bright colour ties, attention grabbing jewellery, strong scent and gum. Guys can often get by with a business shirt, neatly pressed dress pants and don’t forget to polish your shoes.

If you are concerned about financing an appropriate outfit, call in to Vic Careers (Hunter Room 120) to be referred to Dress for Success where they help women by providing appropriate clothing for job interviews. http://www.dressforsuccesswgtn.org.nz/

Find out more: http://jobsearch.about.com/od/interviewsnetworking/a/dressforsuccess.htm

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