Getting through recruitment process

Take a deep breath everyone, it’s that time again – Graduate/Internships recruitment time! Like it or not, the battle to earn yourself that ONE job is here! It shouldn’t be that difficult, you just need one job after all.

…unfortunately, everyone else is after the one job too!

Looking at the stats gathered from Victoria University’s major graduate recruiters over the years, the success rate of applications has consistently been around 5%. In other words, to be successful, you have to oust the other 95% of your peer. Not easy!

HOWEVER, if you understand the game and learn to play by the rules, you would have a much better chance than the person sitting next to you! So, what do you need to do to stay ahead in the game?

Here’s a great article, with step by step explanation, tricks and tips from a real life job seeker to guide you along the way, have a read:
Diary of a job seeker

I think it really helped that I went to the interview prepared; having explored the employer’s website the day before, sourcing relevant documents, and keeping up-to-date with the news was very beneficial. To show that I have a real interest in the role or organisation by bringing this background knowledge to the interview, as well as prepared notes demonstrated that it was not just another job application for me, but rather it was something that I really wanted and was willing to put a solid effort into.  Ellie – Ministry of Justice’s Intern


You will get there… eventually!

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