We go around our daily lives not realising how many different types of jobs and careers it takes to put on, run and create the things in our world. Next time you do something – go to the supermarket; complete a form; turn up to a lecture or attend an event, think about all the different careers involved. I was just at the music and dance festival, WOMAD and I started thinking about this. It opens up all sorts of new career options which may suit you. I’m not saying I’m ready to leave my job as a career consultant just yet but there were some cool roles that I thought I would be good at. No, I couldn’t be the creative henna tattooist or the talented trombone player but hey there was a selection of jobs which made the whole festival successful that would require my strong communication and organisation skills. Sometime 10 years ago there was the negotiation with the city council, tourist boards and promotional agencies to get this event to take place in New Zealand. The lawyers, accountants and event organisers will still have key parts to play along with all aspects of Tourism Taranaki. The racecourse allows camping in its grounds, the shower and toilet block companies have a big contract for the weekend. Airlines, van rentals and bus companies have to be in the game to ensure festival goers can arrive and depart safely. The Taranki Arts Festival Team did amazing work to successfully stage such an important event. This included the CEO, Artistic Directors, Graphic Designers, Marketing, Publicists, Iwi liaison, Accounts and Site Design managers. Perhaps one of the most interesting roles for me is the event organiser. You would need to be in charge of a team; develop good relationships; liaise with the media and have excellent time management skills. When you start thinking about what kind of responsibilities make a certain job, perhaps consider researching job descriptions and getting a good overview from sites like CareersNZ or Prospects UK. In relation to events check out Events Manager and Events Organiser for specific details.

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