It’s a known fact: many great opportunities/jobs are never advertised. Instead, candidates are called upon by employers directly. When and how to make this happen?

Let’s hear and learn from some of our fellow students/graduates…

Caitlin – Redwood School Primary School Teacher

“I knew finding a teaching job would be difficult, so I set out from day one of my grad dip in primary teaching with this in mind. I worked hard to get great grades and on my holidays I volunteered at schools. Thankfully, hard work paid off and I ended up getting a position at a school I volunteered at!”

Start from Day ONE! Be purposeful with your planning. 

Pippa – Museums Wellington Publicist

"I have no education in PR, communications or media, yet I have a job in this industry. Theatre/Arts degrees do get jobs! I’m a theatre major and auditioned for a company named PlayShop. I then decided to help out with their Facebook page, which evolved into a marketing manager role I made for myself. I sold out weekly shows for months using only posters and social networking. Now I’m in a really great position with The Wellington Museums Trust as their publicist because I created jobs where I saw I could be used. Not only am I the publicist for Museums Wellington, but also have my own business where I do publicity, producing and events management. Create jobs for yourself, and do them. There’s no point in applying for a job if you don’t apply yourself first.

Create jobs for yourself! Always be ready and open to the opportunities presented.

Rebecca – Carterton District Council Youth Facilitator

“I couldn’t find a job for quite some time… thought I would do something worthwhile with my time, and decided to do some volunteering. The third day I was there, one of the workers asked if I was interested in joining a governance board for youth activities. I was like yup sure! Got nothing better to do. After the first meeting, I had a job interview – they were looking to hire someone and I put up my hand. I now have the job…and it’s a job I would have done for free.”

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! 

In short, you have to put yourself out there, that’s the only way to ‘stumble upon’ some great hidden opportunities.

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