Have you been considered what you intend to do with your degree after university? Do you have career aspirations or an idea of the industry you want to work in? If you like something enough, you’ll find time to make it happen. Doing what you love can be a passion or a hobby, a job that you have personal fulfilment, that doesn’t make you miserable every single day.

Confucius quote: ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. It means that if you choose a job you love, then you won’t ever feel like a day of work is strenuous or boring because you’ll enjoy every second of what you’re doing.
In reality, no job is perfect. We all have to start at an entry point to develop transferable skills and be content to have to do things we don’t like.

A recent Dom. Post careers article, commented that Phil O’Brien had always looked forward to being on the radio. As a Radio Announcer, he has his own RNZ National programme, ‘Matinee Idle’ which is very successful. He does everything from reading the news to covering midnight to dawn shifts. He quotes, ‘There’s a saying that if you enjoy your job you’ll never work another day in your life. I can honestly say in terms of being on air, I have never woken up and thought – Oh god, I’ve got to go on air today. I’ve always looked forward to it.’

Need help to find your dream job?

  • Maybe you need to develop a few more skills to do the kind of work you really want to do and to find a job with a culture you love
  • Find a job with a potential mentor or has a career development programme. You can research archived jobs on CareerHub. Check current vacancies and the Graduate Recruitment Schedule, as well as Career events
  • Find role models – search on LinkedIn; visit organisations website for staff and careers section; use your network whether be friend, family, colleagues; come to the Campus Careers Expo (15 May) and ICT Careers Expo (16 May): Upcoming Expos (click on networking tips and prepare)
  • Find a job where you can make connections that could open doors to other areas within the organisation or to similar industries

Don’t forget you can discuss your plans with a Careers Consultant during drop-ins (daily sessions), or book an appointment to assess your progress on your ‘ready for work’ skills. www.victoria.ac.nz/careers

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