Maya Angelou died this week. If you have never heard of her, please take the opportunity to learn who she is by following the links at the end of this blog – you’ll be glad that you did. She was and will remain ‘one of a kind’. I have heard her speak on TV and radio many times over the years, and have never failed to be impressed by the warmth, wisdom and humanity that ran like a golden thread through everything she had to say and indeed everything she ever wrote. Although she is known for her writing, she believed that the written word is never as imbued with meaning and power as when spoken. She consistently and beautifully demonstrated this whether reciting her poetry or commenting on society and life in general. Her precise diction, richness of tone and poetic timing and playfulness were extraordinary.

Today I came across tributes to her on LinkedIn. They are there, not for the purposes of social, professional or even political correctness, but because she succeeded in living a life that was un-ordinary, and did so by ‘becoming’ and then consistently ‘showing’ her ‘true self’. She learned in her life to have the courage to be herself, and to feel that being herself was not only ‘OK’ but made her ‘extraordinary’. She encouraged others to find that core of courage to make that same journey to realisation. Here are some links to some of the many tributes to her.

This tribute is a fan sharing some of her favourite Maya Angelou quotes and comments

This tribute consists of short comments from a range of celebrities who knew her personally

This website contains a mix of Maya Angelou’s writing and comments

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